Community Anchor (2012-now)

ServiceSpace is a prestigious platform in the intersection between gift economy, volunteerism and technology. We aim to create a shift from transaction to trust, from competition to contribution, from isolation to community and from scarcity to abundance.

This is the organization I dedicate 80% of my time to. It’s fully volunteer based and it has been a great platform for me to deepen my trust in the universe and to practice unconditional service to others. From local experiments to international retreats, ServiceSpace is a very important part of my life. Some recent events:


Gandhi 3.0


Last january, 70 of us gathered in the Gandhi Ashram in India to honour Mahatma Gandhi’s spirit and explore the meaning of his message and life example in nowadays world. Leaders from NGOs, corporate, politics, monks… all of us gathered with the intention of service to human kind. The ripples are still in motion, like this retreat center, which was offered as a gift to ServiceSpace by one Gandhi 3.0  participant who was very moved by the experience.


Re-love-ution retreats

Co-founder & facilitator (2016-now)

Re-love-ution retreats intend to facilitate a shift towards greater connection, with self, with others, with Nature. Through 3 day experiential Head, Heart and Hands retreats our hope is to ignite small actions and transformations that affect the matrix of our culture.

In these retreats we explore service, spirituality and stillness in a safe colective context. The retreats are offered as a gift and they ignite a sense of community and generosity which stays alive long after the retreat.

We had 10+ retreats in the last year and a half.

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Karma Kitchen Burgos

Co-founder & facilitator (2016-now)

Karma Kitchen is an experiment in community and altruism which depends on the generosity of many. It’s a restaurant were you cannot pay for your meal, someone has paid before you and now you are free to keep the chain of gifts going and pay for the next person. It’s a virtuos cycle.

For many years I have been part of the Seva Café family in Ahmedabad (India) and last year I was part of the organizing team who started Karma Kitchen experiment in Burgos. We have already hosted 15 dinning events which ignite a spirit of love and service to those who are part of it, from volunteers to guests.

Last (July 17) / Previous experience / First in Burgos



Awakin Circles

Awakin Circles Facilitator & Translator (2013-now)

Awakin Circles connect people in the universality of silence and noble friendship. Awakin.org is the global platform that creates interconnection between the circles spread all over the world. Circles are offered as unconditional gifts by hosts that open their home for the community.

I am facilitator and organizer of the circle in Burgos, Spain, which has been going on weekly for more than 3 years now. I am also translating the readings we use in the circles to spanish and sharing them with the global community.




Manav Sadhna

Full Time Volunteer (2011-2013)

For more than 2 years, I was serving in India with the Non Profit, Manav Sadhna, which is focused in the upliftment of underprivileged communities through Love.  Based in the Gandhi Ashram, Manav Sadhna is a wonderful example of alignment between thoughts, deeds and actions. Most of the project coordinators were kids from the slums :).

I was involved in two projects. In both of them, the community building component and the values were integral parts of the success.

  • Project coordinator: Organic urban gardens project. We created 15 organic urban gardens in the city of Ahmedabad. Many of them in slum areas. I facilitated community participation, empowerment and leadership. I organized workshops on ecological & social values with the communities.
  • Project coordinator: Soccer&Values project. I facilitated the start of the project and helped develop 4 teams (60 kids total) in different slums in the city of Ahmedabad. Many kids are now trained as coaches and stand out as examples in their communities.

Participation in other projects: school construction, Sanitation Camps, event management, taking care and guiding guests and volunteers from around the world, plastic awareness campaigns…


Vipassana Foundation

Full time volunteer (2015)

Vipassana is an organization which promotes the teaching of vipassana or insight meditation throughout the World. The teaching is offered as a gift by previous students who make voluntary contributions. Everyone, including teachers is a volunteer.

For more than 6 months I was a Long Time Server, living in the Vipassana meditation center in Palautordera, Barcelona. My main task was Course Manager: translating the teachers, supporting students, organizing logistics, maintaining the center.

In the centers, sitting meditation happens at least 3 times a day, one hour each.

In 2015 I felt I had to go deeper in my own inner journey and so the long time service was a great opportunity for my inner growth, one of the best investments I ever made.




Gandhi 3.0 India (2017)

Symphony of Peace Prayers – Japan (2017)

Fuji Declaration Symposium – Japan (2017)

Museum of Happiness launch, London (2017)

Giftival, Brazil (2016)



Master Degree in International Cooperation and Development.

Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Curriculum: Development, Indigenous Cosmologies, Sociology, Economics, Project Management, Non Profit Laws.


Postgraduate in Non Profit Management.

Spanish National Distance University (UNED).

Curriculum: Human Resources, Strategic Management, Diversity and Intercultural Management, Project Planning and Social Policies.


Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy.

Hogeschool van Amsterdam. The Netherlands





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