Happy Birthday Gandhi-ji!

Happy birthday Gandhi-ji!
Today there is still violence in the world,
People still believe in artificial borders,
People earn more than they need,
Others legitimate wars in the name of peace,
We keep polluting Mother Earth,
There are people who hate others and find excuses for that.
And so on.
But many of the seeds you planted are blossoming too,
There are people who stick to non-violence in the World, even in the face of violence.
Some people are transcending the sense of separation based on political inventions and interests. We are trying to find ways of manifesting new ways of governance that go beyond the idea of country, and we even have a world flag that means unity and oneness :).
Many people prefere to live a simple life, far from greed and exploitation, and there are so many movements in the World that manifest those realities.
We came up with beautiful terms that talk about different paradigms you believed in like: gift economy, laddership or kindfulness :).
We have peace armies, meditation practices are blooming, so many people are moving towards inner transformation… and a group of friends just started a Museum of Happiness! 🙂
In Japan, every year 10.000 people from all religions and belief systems gather to wish peace to the World…
Ecology movements are merging with spirituality, and gaining depth and breadth.
And many of us are choosing to be rooted in the brave love you manifested in your life, with the hope that one day we will have at least 1% of your bravery, commitment and wisdom 🙂
Thank you for your amazing example Bapu!
You are so alive!
May Peace Prevail on Earth!

One Earth, One Flag
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