Peace Waves!

Jayeshbhai, a legendary gandhian and friend explains about Tantra and Tatva: ‘In Sanskrit Tantra means method, technique; Tatva means intention, volition. If you have connected with Tatva, Tantra will grow organically…”. What Jayeshbhai is talking about is something with many interpretations and with a lot of depth. One thing I take from it is how important it … More Peace Waves!

Newsletter Abril :)

En el planeta, Este año celebramos otro encuentro internacional Gandhi 3.0. 70 ‘Guerrer@s del Amor’ se juntaron durante 10 días con una idea sencilla: “si gente diversa puede compartir espacio sin agenda en el espíritu del servicio a l@s demás y el cambio interior, quizá podamos descubrir nuevos horizontes individuales y colectivos en el camino hacia … More Newsletter Abril 🙂

A visit to Auroville…

Recently I visited Auroville, a town dedicated to explore a more integral human development, a town that honors arts, generosity, inner progress, sustainability, intercultural respect, technological progress, beauty, altruistic relationships, philosophical knowledge, alternative education, social innovation and so on … In my experience, Auroville already manifests an entirely different Development model, oriented towards inner transformation and … More A visit to Auroville…

Journey to India/ Viaje a India

“It’s time to unite inner revolution with outer revolution”   #Love#InnerTransformation#Community#SmallActs  #MoreKindsofWealth#SocialChange#CommonGood #Giftecology#Circles#Silence#Beauty#Service   INTRO   From 25th january till 8th february we will embark in a journey of self discovery and service to India! Our main intention is to find greater love and greater compassion for the World. We look for facilitators of a … More Journey to India/ Viaje a India