Common Heart of Humanity.


Yesterday I had the wonderful chance to visit one of Neida’s students home! It was wonderful sacred time with a beautiful business muslim family of 17! It was awesome to share presence, great conversation, amazing food, personal stories, views…

For years, a bug was in my mind; because of the violence of a few and the simplistic approach of a lot of mass media, a subtle sense of the muslim community being violent and discriminatory stayed in my consciousness. For a long time, I have been aware of that, and now I can say I am almost fully recovered.

Yesterday was another beautiful milestone of reconnection with the ever present, trans-cultural and inter-cultural common heart of our humanity. Now, whenever I dive in a different context, which might be challenging for my subconscious pre-conditionings, I open my heart a little bit more. I ask myself: how can I dive deeper into our common heart of humanity, even in the midst of differences and opposing views? How can I learn from them? How can I understand where they are coming from? How can I make them feel good and happy in my presence? How can I transcend my own limitations and connect with those vibrations of the human heart that resonate with us all?

The beautiful family blessed us with smiles, with amazing food, with incredible hospitality (even in times of corona), and with their stories… They haven’t stopped helping others during the lockdown period; they have prepared hundreds of food kits for those in need; ‘this is our nature, serving others’, they say. I asked them about their relationship with other non- muslim communities around, and they said it was harmonious and peaceful. They shared how they have felt the discrimination, coming from politicians, from media, and from other communities sometimes, but how they hope that: ‘everybody could meet them and see how they are just normal people’. Just an amazing, ‘normal’ family . We left their home just full of love and gratitude for this beautiful family.

Yes, we might have different world views, different opinions, different practices, but in a field of mutual respect and acceptance of diversity we can meet and learn from each other, we can keep growing, we can keep finding new horizons together, with our common heart of humanity. In proper context, I believe there is always much more that unites us, than what separates us. Let’s create more contexts of love and reunion in diversity and mutual respect!




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