A Peace of Land.

“In my opinion, if 100% of the people were farming it would be ideal.» Masanobu Fukuoka

Two days ago we were gifted a piece of land and we are making of it a Peace of Land or a Land of Peace :).

Some friends in my village were not using this land and we asked them if it was possible for us to use it :). Thank you Jose and Marivi and Chari!
This is kind of common in our village since there is already a culture of sharing land when you are not using it which is very nice. A small Bhoodan movement 🙂

Miki, Irene and my parents did a great job preparing it and we can already see great beauty on the land. Farming can be such a labor of love too, I believe :). When we go there we want to stay more and it invites a lot to meditate, contemplate or read… I feel plants also will respond to this love, but no expectations hahaha just experimentations ;).

And as Miki said, we have planted more so we can start chains of generosity and gift to others !!! So happy for this 🙂

Come any time hahaha 🙂

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