Re-love-ution with Emtpy Hands

With the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on 2nd October and the visit of few noble friends, we invite you to a weekend of inspiration, reflection and love around Gandhi’s universal values of compassion, equality, generosity and peace. Gandhi’s revolution had many layers to it, including political, social, systemic, spiritual… Many of the seeds he planted are still multiplying in the forms of new projects and systems, and at a deep level, in the journeys of those who are inspired by his way of living life which was rooted in love for all beings and the beautiful concept of Sarvodaya.

In such an occasion (149th Gandhi’s birthday!) we happen to have around dear noble friends like Nimo, Neil or Vicky, people manifesting their own experiments of love and truth, in the footsteps of Gandhi and many other re-love-utionary people. We feel so happy with this opportunity to be together in the path of nurturing cultures of altruism and peace! Such a gift!

We know just being together will have beautiful ripple effects derived from the loving presence and cultivation each one brings and that’s one of the intentions we hold, just to give space to synergy and friendship. We will also have space to meditate, relax, reflect on our journeys, hear inspiring stories, interact with local community, and enjoy heartfelt moments like the community night on Saturday where we will enjoy Nimo’s Empty Hands performance :).

Overall we will hold space for the unknown with the intention of multiplying love in our hearts and lives in the hope that such seeds will spread far and wide in all corners of our beautiful planet :).

More agenda/ logistic details will be given to you as you confirm your presence :). We will be so happy if you make it! Please, confirm at Happy to answer any question too :).

We can’t wait to welcome you home!



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