Peace Run Syncronicity!

I am driving the car and I see someone running with a torch! He looked like this:


It took me a few minutes to turn around the car to talk to the runner , but I am glad I did! At first I thought, “Is that the Olympic Torch???” It was even better!! I was very moved when the runner told me about what he and others are doing! They are actually part of a movement that has been running with a torch for peace for more than 30 years! They call it Peace Run ! People from all over the world run with the torch in relays and they are able to cover thousands of kilometres in a matter of days, bringing with them the spirit of oneness, harmony and peace! Even Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa have held that torch! Amazing!


Quite a powerful syncronicity to meet these guys in a very small road in the middle of nowhere just couple of days before the Empty Hands Event! Some coincidental currency going on!


 Runners from Hawai, Poland, Iceland and Czech Republic!!


“May the flames of peace-torch
Kindle and awaken
Each and every world-citizen.”

«Peace means a flood of love in the world-family”

Sri Chinmoy, Peace Run founder


There was a deep sense of friendship to the meeting that the runners manifested in the end of this article :).


Grateful for it all!


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