End of Ramadan!

Today we celebrated Eid-al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan according to the muslim tradition! Few friends here followed the Ramadan practice, which is about fasting during the day for 40 days. This practice of fasting is followed by other religions as well, and in the experience of our friends here, it has made them realize further the sacredness of the elements, the connection with water, the blessedness of being able to eat. The practice is central to muslims all around the world, so today we felt connected with millions of people on this celebration! Sending love to all the muslims out there!

In the context of the Gandhi Ashram, we find love and encouragement in celebrating festivals from all religions! How beautiful it’s to celebrate our diverse human heritages, and come together to understand our different traditions and spiritual truths with harmony and respect! A new world is being built on these values of inter-faith, deep respect and universal goodness. We are being able to transcend the limitations of violence and immature leadership to find the real truths beyond every spiritual tradition, to find oneness beyond methods, unity beyond form.

To finish the 40 day process of fasting, today we had a great feast and held a circle of gifts where we gifted each other different personal items we loved, as a way to let go and find happiness in giving and sharing of our stories. After that, we walked around campus in silence and did 10 steps one bow, as our way to close the day and share the intention of greater transformation for the goodness of all beings! Eid Mubarak! Happiness to all!


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