Laddership- Anchor reflections, week 6.



What did you learn from the circle in the last week?

I loved the questions that came up through our conversation and amplified by Audrey Lin!

  • Is scaling down a form of scaling up?
  • What is the role of relationships in scale?

I love the idea of creating spaces and organizations that are not so big, and are more relationship driven, and which then, let their inspiration ripple out in the world, and support more of an ecosystem feeling. This a quality of some of the most beautiful organizations I know well like Manav Sadhna (who mostly focuses on Ahmedabad city as a constraint) or Aravind, who mostly focuses on Tamil Nadu state as a constraint. Both ripple out in so many ways, but they kept a certain intention of not growing too much , and therefore betting for a model where your inspiration ripples out in diversity. I feel this is so apt for transformation-led organizations. Of course, like anything, I don’t see it as a dogma, since sometimes organizations like Vipassana (Goenka) or others, give a tremendous service with the intention to be world-wide efforts. I do feel those world-wide organizations lack sometimes the focus on relationship and process or end up becoming so big that they lose the relationship approach over time and they become more goal/result oriented or in the case of spiritual orgs, ritual oriented not process oriented…

In your personal life, how did you practice this week’s theme of “Community”?

One of the reflections that came up this week in one of the circles I was part of was around the political result in spanish election on Sunday. Extreme right party (VOX) was third in election, which means their greatest result ever and a great force in the congress (3.5 million people voted for them). Many people were sad in the awakin circle yesterday because of it. A reflection came up of a lady talking about the refractory bricks which you can put in an oven and then use to heat up the bed for many hours because they release the heat slowly. I was the next sharing and in laddership style I tried to amplified all the bricks in the room for the heat (love and compassion) they are releasing in the world in many different ways! I also praised the ovens, which are the contexts where ‘generosity can thrive’, and heat us so we can then release that love into more complicated places. In the midst of such political results, bricks and ovens of love seemed like a meaningful methapor!

This week I had the chance to be in 5 or so very different ovens (circles), from the town hall council (crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hahaha- that’s more like a fridge hahahha), to two awakin circles (Madrid and Burgos), or a circle around playful participation which we organized in our village with a member of Warriors Without Weapons, a beautiful sister organization. It was all quite great! So much cross-pollinating laddership going on in different levels in all the different circles! Overall the reflection that comes is that if we keep generating more of these spaces, election results might change in 700 years (or less hopefully hahahha), but both processes hopefully live together and amplify each other (the inner change and the system change), and in the face of hatred inclined political decisions, spaces of love continue to release the heat (love) quietly, like those refractory bricks, which in the end will be able to really alterate the level of concioussness and reconnect us with greater options of love and common good.

Rose, Thorn, Bud: In our circle, what is blooming? What might be a potential challenge? And what ripples are budding?

Austria is coming!!! Heheheh Thanks Julia for mentioning! I think I might join!
It loved to see Sangeetas and Ashima’s facilitation and Jaskys and Julia’s serene presence and Audreys invisible inspiring leadership during last weeks call, and in general! I tend to see the blooming in terms of service transformations, and I do feel there is an evolution within the group of volunteers and our cooperation in this process! I think it’s very multi-dimensional, like our deepening relationships or co-creating capacity or skillfull holding space for each other…


I love the subtlety of the service we are giving to each other, which to me comes down mostly to, loving, presencing and amplifying


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