Our next ReLoveUtion Gathering :)


Re-LoveUtion Gathering

# Social Action & Inner Transformation # Noble Friendship # Gift Ecology # Head, Heart, Hands # Other Forms of Wealth # Small Acts # Silence # Service # One World One Family  

Next 29, 30, 31st of July Noble friends from all over the planet are gathering in the wonderful village of Castrojeriz, 40 km away from Burgos, Spain.

The intention of the retreat is just to Gather and co-create a sacred and joyful space of Reflection (Head), Action (Hands) and Love (Heart).

From our experience, gathering together in the name of Noble Friendship, Service to Others & the Planet, and Inner Transformation generates itself a lot of beauty and love in the World.

You are most welcome to join for next opportunities 🙂 Last weekend of August, last weekend of September and last weekend of October 🙂 Contact us!

Some of the Noble Friends for July Gathering!

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Madhu: A dear brother, Moved By Love inspirer, permanent pilgrim, gifted story teller and film maker, noble soul and what not. His light keeps shining brighter in the world, in retreats in India or in pilgrimages through Europe, Madhu keeps inspiring us with stories, reflections and smiles 🙂


Doris: Doris is a young woman with a powerful spirit! During many years she was an activist in Madrid, being part of the 15M movement which helped the awakening of many peoples hearts and heads and hands. She realized that the external activism had to walk together with a regeneration of the inner world. Since then, she has been growing in her meditation and yoga practices, and she started Retiro Burgos, a platform to inspire people on their journey to a more plentiful and happy life 🙂

Mukesh: Mukesh is a dear monk from India who is supporting many people in their journeys of silence, and also social movements of kindness and many Non-Profits and Spaces with his presence and meditation. He is in a trip in Europe and he is going to be with us during the Gahering

Miki: Miki is a dear pilgrim of Service and Spirituality. He is now sharing his journey with Gift-Economy in many Social Movements in Madrid. He is a Yoga Teacher who is offering his wisdom and many other gifts to growing communities. He is diving deep into the nuances of gift ecology and how they can transform our society in one of altruism and generosity.

Liam: 23 year old Liam has been conducting his life as an experiment of kindness and wisdom. From participating in many different retreats to celebrating his birthday by going in the streets to perform acts of kindness. Liam decided not to follow traditional education in university and he designed his own learning program who led him to read more than 200 books, build a house himself or learning spanish :). He is a seeker of truth and a smiling young inspiring friend who is coming all the way from London! 🙂 More of his journey here 🙂

José Juán: Soon in life JJ found success in studies and professional career. After studying Engineering he became Director in one of the biggest companies in the wheel sector. Even though he reached «success» also in family, wealth and social position, for JJ something was missing. That search has led him to retreat himself every year in the search and design of his mission in life. He now facilitates spaces to talk about values in various companies and settings. He is also promoting conscious education through Aprendemos Tod@s.

More info:


We are planning to start the gathering on Friday 29th at 18:00 and ending Sunday 31st around 15:00. Please tell us if you cannot come before that on friday.


We have rented a Hostel to stay: Rosalía 🙂 It’s a 30 bed hostel and we will have it all for us 🙂 The owner, Javi, was moved by the intention of the retreat and he has offered food as a gift for us 🙂 Amazing! We can shower him with gratitude in info@alberguerosalia.com 🙂

We will also have a room in another space for our meetings and talks and other activities 🙂 We will show you how to move from one to the other when you are in the village.


The gathering is a gift that we all give to each other 🙂 We will have to pay the hostel rent, but we will do that with anonymous and voluntary contributions in a box :). Most important thing is that you come no matter what 🙂 The rest will be solved 🙂 If you want to offer any other material gift (food, art, soap…) please feel free to bring it as an offering of gratitude to the group 🙂


For those who fly to Madrid, we will arrange Madrid-Burgos and back individually. For the trip Burgos-Castrojeriz (25 minutes) we will arrange cars with the local community. Do share your details so we can serve you best 🙂


You are invited to offer dynamics or games or initiatives for the space since it is one of co-creation 🙂 Do feel free to connect Madhu, Miki or myself for any suggestion, doubt or kind regard 

For people who want to invite friends for future gatherings, please, share that we will have another gathering in the end of august (last weekend) and another one in the end of september 🙂 They can contact the volunteers through joserra@servicespace.org and check more info in spanish here (soon in english).

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