Welcome to Banyan Grove


One day in California and I already feel like falling in the ServiceSpace rabbit hole :). So much generosity and love! OMG! I should write a poem to describe the beauty, but maybe I will do that in Spanish hahaha

Audrey came to pick me up in the airport with a smile sign written in my mother tongue. She is such a loving person! Then she drove me all the way to Banyan Grove, the new retreat home recently gifted to ServiceSpace! The home where I am going to spend my next month! The place is so magical and already filled with so much love from the local friends. Banyan Grove is in the middle of a beautiful forest with red woods, pine trees, sequoias, maples… a perfect spot to the intention it holds. You don’t have to be futurologist to know that Banyan Grove is going to be a true gift for the world! It already is! Humani-team will find greater love with spaces like Banyan. Another bar of love to look up to :).

When I arrived, Sam had painted a welcome poster ! So cute!!


And my resident mate Fabrizio had cooked dinner for all of us ! Generosity, generosity, generosity!

Next day, my first full day at Banyan Grove we hosted the first Awakin Circle in this home! 38 friends gathered in silence, noble conversation and the shared joy of a home cooked meal.


John, a dear local elder told me before the silence: “This is a very special place, we are witnessing history.” I feel the same, we are witnessing the beauty of a different narrative, a different human story which is rooted in kindness, generosity and trust. We are witnessing a re-love-ution that quietly challenges some of the truths we have accepted in recent times. I feel so blessed to be part of many such stories of love…


And so happy to see the local ecosystem is so alive! I feel this rabbit hole is endless! haha Tuesday I will be going to Ari’s Awakin Circle, Wednesday I will go to the one in Santa Clara, Friday in Oakland for Pancho’s one…  We are having Karma Kitchen in Berkeley soon, I have been invited to Melissa’s school, we are visiting Waldorf Institute in San Francisco for a Kindness Club… Amazing!

Feeling lot’s of love and gratitude for all the love magicians in whose shoulders we stand today and also for all those who are alive and hug me every time we meet!

Love, love, love!


First morning at Banyan Brove. Picture by Fabrizio


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