Welcomed by Kindness in Lisbon!


Today was one of those beautiful days!

I am traveling all the way to Tamera, an ecovillage and Peace Research Center in south Portugal. I am going to the Defend the Sacred gathering, a meeting with indigenous leaders, and love warriors from all over the planet that looks amazing! And usually when you are going to a magical confluence, magical things start to happen as well!

I have been keeping the plan open till last minute, since I had many other plans and things to do in between. Two days ago I published my journey to share car, and JUST yesterday a friend of mine I met in Brazil called me and told me she was doing the same route!!

I picked her up today in Madrid and we also traveled with S., going to Tamera for the Defend the Sacred Gathering as well, and two other new friends going to Lisbon. We had a great time!

On the way my friend M. and I started to talk about generosity, spirituality, karma and personal life. When we were talking of karma and it’s workings and the essence and nature of generosity, we both reflected how we were going through a little bit of a crisis of hope and trust in the best of humanity. Both of us have gone recently through some ‘karmic’ processes involving certain amount of suffering and sense of separation. M. was reflecting on how sometimes ‘you have a picture of close relationships and friendships and suddenly your expectations of harmony and love get shuttered’. I was reflecting on how ‘I felt a bit depleted of giving recently, certainly having lower energy levels and less inner abundance to give.’…

Before the conversation I have sent few impromtu messages to friends in Lisbon, who I will keep anonymous for the shake of the story :). Few minutes later, just when we where talking about karma and generosity and our little ‘crisis’, our friends start to show us what all of that means! They could not host us since they had other house commitments, but they super-kindly and super- organically offered us a stay in a hotel they just wanted to book for us! I insisted that ‘giving is easier tan receiving’, and they said: ‘well, it’s good also to recieve, more so if you give so much!’ And I could have said: ‘I am not giving much lately hahaha, but I restrained myself and accepted the gift…

It’s been a little hard for me recently to feel regeneration in my service in Burgos.. many things have moved, and I have felt trapped in the middle of very individualistic and egotistic attitudes sometimes, or at least, I have percieved more of that than before… I know the perceiver (observer) and the perceived are so closely interelated, and whatever we perceived is directly influenced by the way we perceive, by the perceiver, and at the same time, there are perceived realities which causes are independent from your perception, or that’s what I believe… In any case, today I have felt again the power of small acts done with so much love! I have seen my energy shifting after the small act of kindness I received… and the whole ecology around us today also felt it!

After we had the conversation we went to the hotel and everything had been taken care of! My friends not only invited me, but also the other two friends traveling with me to Tamera tomorrow… And more than the visible act, I could also feel such a beautiful energy behind it all! It touched me quite a lot actually…

…When we were parking, we just found a place in the center of busy Lisbon, but the place was halfway in the pedestrian crossing… just one minute after, the car in front of us left, leaving us just the space we needed! Afterwards, we went for dinner and we met a new friend who needed some money to stay somewhere tonight. We asked him about his story and he said he recently lost his family and he was alone in the world… Now he was traveling to find himself, and he took a step of faith and came all the way to Lisbon from Italy… After this we learned that our friend S. has also lost her husband and her 6 months son in a car accident many years ago…

I feel that the simple act of kindness we received ignited so much in so many people, more opennes, more vulneravility and more faith in humanity, all of it just with a spark of love…

For me, it reminds me one of my foundations, and I am sure it came at a perfect time to give me some faith I have been missing recently! It was such a magical journey today, on the way to beautiful Tamera and our collective search for sacredness!

Love to all!



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