Head, Heart, Hands reflection :)

Some reflections and inspiration from the journey last months! I feel the presence of many of you with me as I walk this journey towards greater love and wisdom (I hope hahaha). Even if we don’t see each other a lot, I love you!

Some reflections from head, heart, and hands:


This is one of the questions I have been contemplating last months. I find Stephen Covey’s distinction very interesting. For Covey, principles:represent an objective reality that transcends cultures and individuals. A principle is a natural law like gravity. If you drop something, gravity controls. If I don’t tell you the truth, you won’t trust me; that’s a natural law. There are certain principles that transcend cultural differences and do not change over time. They determine the ultimate outcomes or consequences of behavior and actions, as much as gravity determines that something will fall when dropped.”

And what about values? : Values are “beliefs, attitudes and opinions that people hold regarding specific issues. They are standards of behavior about what is important in life.” “Values are more internal and subjective, situation dependent, and may change over time.” You can value fame, money, stillness…”

“Another interesting fact regarding values and principles is that values run our actions; for example if I value fame or power or money, my actions will move accordingly, but principles act after action and determine the impact of our actions. If you do something without respect for another person then the consequences of that act will be out of your control. Stephen shares the example of Hitler. “Maybe he had the value of family, maybe he was charming with his family, or treated his wife in a respectful way… But his actions didn’t follow the universal rules of respect, so then the consequences arise, consequences that are set by those principles.” “Values drive your actions and principles, the consequences.”

This perspective is so interesting for me and I feel somehow the research on this difference determines the Mobious designs of the organizations of the future. The principles can be seen as the core of universal ethics (is there such a thing?), the universal laws that have a karmic consequence. In designing with creative constraints one challenge might be to design on top of those principles, more at the level of values, which is more subjective. One of the concrete questions I have been holding in this respect is if the creative constraint of not-fundraising is more a value or a principle? And, if it’s a value, is it more skillfull-for-long-term-organizational-resilience to hold it lightly (like Aravind’s example) or more thoroughly?


‘Greatest gift is the gift of noble friendship!’ No matter what design we fall into, it’s always amazing in this ecosystem to feel the love of dear love warriors around the world! I was so blessed to be invited to go to California recently and it was so beautiful to have that feeling: ‘I am surrounded by angels!!’ As I was speaking with Nipun he said: ‘there is no perfect external design, no matter how skillfull you are.’ I suppose that heavenly feeling comes more from the human ‘software’ of love and compassion, which is what I felt again this time in California, and also recently in Tamera, Portugal. Although I don’t underestimate the value of amazing external designs! 🙂

I this regard, I love last weeks awakin reading on the Zen of Archery, where James Clear talks about this relationship between external and internal, goals and process: ‘We live in a world obsessed with results. Like Herrigel, we have a tendency to put so much emphasis on whether or not the arrow hits the target. If, however, we put that intensity and focus and sincerity into the process — where we place our feet, how we hold the bow, how we breathe during the release of the arrow — then hitting the bullseye is simply a side effect.’

Friendship and presence are process-like realities which bloom here because of the awareness of the co-creators… and how beautiful it’s to see! Thanks!!!! And on that a picture of our last retreat here in Spain last week !!! A recap from friend Maxime is coming soon!

Retreat in California:


Apart from keeping up with awakin circles, retreats and other labor-of-love events Miki, myself and a group of more friends embarked this year in a journey to contribute from the town hall in our little village, Villasur, near Burgos.

It’s been very beautiful to feel the inter-being with all of you in this process! Your values have shone through! As I shared briefly in the SS retreat in September, we wanted the campaign process to be blaming-free! And we started our online program amplifying the aspects and actions that we believe the other group did well in their last 16 years in the local government. We also believe in the power of relationships to build bridges and collaborate. We got 2 sits out of 7, and even though we had few days of frustration because of the implications of that, we recovered quickly and let go of our frustration to be able to connect with the better service scenario given the conditions. We started to build bridged, not with a hidden agenda, but just with the trust that ‘everybody is good’ and the trust that when you see that in other people, and you keep seeing that, only more good can come. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t say no to something you don’t like, it actually gives you more power to say no, because your relationship is stronger and more resilient. A no can be taken in a more constructive way when it’s not always a no, or when it’s a ‘no’ to the opinion or to the action, not to the person.
During the campaign we held a circle for people to reflect on ideas for their village and things they already loved about their village. It was amazing! People cried as they shared why they love their village, and while they were remembering some of their transformative experiences in the village… One of the friends from the other ‘political’ group was there, for whatever reason… Some people started to attack her and we stopped it from the facilitation, saying that this space was not a political space, or a space to hold on to what’s not working, but to amplify what’s working and keep building the future together and taking care of each other, without flags or colours, but for our common good. The blaming stopped in a very smooth way 😊.

I think that circle, the gratitude expressed in our program, and our outlook on building bridges set the ground for a different type of collaboration that is now starting to bloom. We are just in an initial phase and I feel humble about drawing any conclusion here, but we can already see some beautiful flowers emerging! One of them is the Participation&Community Plan that we have created and presented in the Council. It was accepted by unanimity!!!! It includes neighbor circles to discuss important village issues, community works where we can support each other, an information list where everybody will get to know about what’s happening in the different groups and movements… 😊 And we are now working in a Public Housing plan which will include some wonderful innovations that we hope take place- might include supporting generosity entrepreneurs, gift dynamics, sustainability… ! 😊
Sending love!


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