New Year Letter :)

New Year Letter by Sabine Lichtenfels

to Communities and Friends around the World

defend the sacred


Dear communities, dear friends, dear peace workers all over the world,


“Oh human, look at the human being: He carries heaven and Earth and all other beings within himself! Everything is already hidden in him. God has shaped people according to the structure of the universal web, according to the entire cosmos. Oh, how glorious is the deity, which reveals its inherent reality by creating and working. Love streams through the universe, from the depth all the way up to the stars.” – Hildegard von Bingen


We greet you from Tamera and wish you a powerful transition into the new year.

You don’t need a lot of prophetic foresight to know that many challenges will be ahead of us in this coming year. So many people face despair and want to give up. Mass species extinction, the climate crisis, evermore wars, the refugees dying at the fortresses of the Western world… It’s becoming increasingly important that we find answers inside ourselves that give us the strength and courage to persevere and to use our capacities and intelligence to activate healing powers.

Last night, I woke up from a dream where I saw the networked intelligence of all communities working for peace. Each community was like an organ in a body, and the body as a whole was like a promise and a source of hope through which the Earth will heal herself. I could see the greater whole, that which is common and connects us all. The determined affirmation for life when others resign, the deep recognition of the nature of community – these were the elements in my dream through which the healing powers could unfold. May we see and support each other in our true roles, so that a higher networked intelligence can reveal itself through us!

Thank you for the courage of all those who take to the streets to say «no» to systems of violence. Thank you for all the determined seekers who no longer wait for governments to act.
Thank you for all ecological activists committed to protecting water, ecosystems, plants and animals.

Thank you to all Indigenous peoples who, despite all genocidal violence, have remained faithful to the Earth and universal existence: «Earth first!» – this imperative continues to affect and guide my heart deeply.
Thank you to our friends in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Rojava, Palestine, Kenya, Cameroon and the entire Global South who continue to research and build non-violent life systems under the most difficult of conditions.
And thank you to all those in the Global North who use their privileges to end war and oppression and to develop alternatives.
Thank you to all the visible and invisible powers that help us accept the great mystery – the «sacred matrix” of life.

I greet the emerging «Defend the Sacred Alliance.» For me, defending the sacred means defending love. We will put our lives in service to this and do everything we can to recognize and comply with the cosmic laws of universal love.

For all those who go hungry, who sit in torture cellars, who die under falling bombs, for all the animals who are exploited and abused today. In the name of the waters, the climate, in the name of the guarded power of fire, in the name of our beloved Earth.

We look forward to a determined collaboration across and beyond all creeds to protect the beauty and truth of life.

On behalf of the Tamera community, I wish you a blessed 2020!
Sabine Lichtenfels

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